Routine Reward Repeat – Getting Your Puppy to go in the Right Spot

Routine, Reward, Repeat – Getting Your Puppy “to go” in the Right Spot!

Your new fuzzy “bundle of joy” is, no doubt, showering you with kisses, licks and cuddles, and probably some “puddles” or “presents” to clean-up. It comes with the territory until your “new baby” is at least 12 to 16 weeks old. That’s when he (or she) has enough control to learn how “to hold it” and ask you to go outside. Congratulations on your new puppy, we know you are over-joyed and probably asking a lot of questions including “how do I “potty-train” my pet?” At Angels Eyes, we believe the first step is remembering routine and reward are key! It usually takes about 4 to 6 months, and sometimes up to a year, for house-training to work; but given all the joy these sweet little furballs bring to us, it’s certainly worth every moment!

Your new fuzzy bundle of joy is, no doubt, showering you with kisses, licks and cuddles & probably some puddles or presents to clean-up. It comes with the territory until your new baby is at least 12 to 16 weeks old. That’s when he (or she) has enough control to learn how to hold it and ask you to go outside.

To increase your odds for success, prevent your puppy from “grazing” throughout the day by putting food bowls out of reach between meals (If we had a never-ending buffet, we’d probably do the same!). When you first get started, try to take your pet out first thing in the morning, and once every half hour or hour after that until he does “his business.” Reward him for a job well done; either with praise, a treat or a nice walk. If you see your puppy getting ready “to go’ in the house, take him outside by calling him or leading him gently by the collar. When he is finished, offer praise or a treat. Routine, reward, repeat. We know it sounds like directions on a shampoo bottle, but it’s the “secret” to success.

Once your pup marks a location, take him back to the same spot each time you go out, as his scent will prompt him ‘to go” as well as “drop off his calling card” to show other dogs that this is his territory. Take your little buddy outside after meals, before you go to bed at night and anytime you have plans to leave the house for a while. If your pup barks, whimpers, or circles to get your attention, hooray! These are all great indications that he’s “getting the hang” of house training. Hold on to the success because accidents will happen. When they do, use a pet-friendly cleaner with enzymes to destroy scents that would prompt your pup to use the same spot indoors over and over again. The stuff really works.

If you live in a hi-rise or are unable to take your pet “out” for some other reason, “pet pee-pee pads” may be the way “to go.” Simply place the pads in an out-of-the-way area inside your home or on a secure patio or porch and place your pup on them when its bathroom time. Routine, reward and repeat and you’ll have a potty-trained pup in no time.

If your puppy gets stained (it does happen) a gentle bath does wonders to bring back kiss and cuddle time. At Angels Eyes, we offer grooming products to keep your puppy “fresh as a daisy” while he masters the art of house-training. Once again, congratulations on your new puppy! No one will ever love you quite like a dog and as you both work together to refine his “bathroom habits” you will be strengthening a bond that will last a lifetime! Don’t you just love puppies?

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